#241 (special): Revisiting The Last Burbank

With Luke on vacation this week and Song of the Shambles well underway, we at LRB decided:

  1. You could use a little Burbank in your life.
  2. Some fun music talk wouldn’t hurt.
  3. We deserve a break, too.

So, join Bobby and special guest-host Amy from the Earbuds & Earworms Podcast for a trip into the LRB Archives for a chat from way back in 2015 with perhaps our favorite Burbank of them all, *David. He brought Mike and Christy the classic radio days segment Defend Yourself: iPod Edition, and our gang got in on the fun back then, too. In 2017, we read a few updates on life from young David before we get to the clip. 

Also in 2017, both Mike and Phyllis have appeared on E&E to defend their **iPods with Amy. When you’re done listening to this, check those episodes out!

*Luke is probably fourth. We’ll let you fill in the rest.
**Not technically iPods. But whatever, it’s 2017. Don’t overthink it.