#240 (recap): “Choose Your Own Crapventure”

Put down that homemade kombucha, stop chewing on those cotton balls and just sit down on the seat already, because it’s time for an old-fashioned levia-thon of commentary. This week, Ann earns the coveted Purple Carcass for surviving another round of stock talk, Bobby comes up with a scone-based analogy to explain the difference between cement and concrete, and Mike yells a lot for a guy who is getting sick.

Plus, would Justin Trudeau use a hotel towel as a pizza napkin? (Ann doesn’t think so, but it might not be a deal-breaker.) 

Be sure to check out the story from a few years back about cringeworthy sounds featuring one of Bobby’s old friends, and the short film featuring Mike opposite a very talented young actor playing Tommy Wiseau.