#233 (special): *knock knock* Housekeeping!

In this special Fifth Friday edition of Little Red Bandwagon, Christy, Mike and Bobby peel back the curtain for a wide-ranging round-up of (mostly non-TBTL) topics we’ve been meaning to get to, including but not limited to new LRB merch, the heartfelt (and strategically manipulative) letter Mike wrote to the sellers of the house he and Emily want to buy, why Bobby’s been both busy and emotionally exhausted recently, how we’d like your help in the time-honored tradition of hijacking the Song of the Summer contest, and the final, definitive rules on who should bring what to the LRB Summer Picnic, including why Christy now has to bring Arby’sOh, and did we mention new LRB merch?

Remember, just like Fletch taught us: Flatter first; boo-hoo at the bottom.