#230 (recap): All 230 episodes of LRB, ranked! (just kidding)

Bobby and Mike are joined by special guest co-host, historiTen, Wagon Full of Loot™ winner and unabashed rental RV bathroom user Megan Keane, who opens her mystery prize live on the show!

In addition to our TBTL Week in Review (which also includes a cruel Tim Hortons road sign and a dim sum strategy for avoiding execution), be sure to listen through to the end of the show for an LRBINVESTIGATES EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with the one and only DOUG DANGER by our own intrepid producer Jeremy Holmes. Let’s just say the FAA wouldn’t let him jump two helicopters, but he doesn’t think he’s better than anybody else.

If Megan sounds familiar, it’s because you probably heard her on LRB episode 135 last year, discussing a Luke Big Dog Alert and the origins of Walsh, Walsh & Doormat.