#229 (special recap): We’re just road people now

Don your scrufduggers and guard your Four Hole—it’s time to look back on Luke and Andrew’s week on the road with Big Baby Kevin. Mike, Ann and a bedraggled-sounding Bobby break down the guys’ surprising lack of breakdowns, from the check engine “soon” light outside of Boise to the seemingly endless list of idioms courtesy of Texas Monthly magazine. Plus, we get an audio postcard from M&M in the DR.

Lessons learned: Never give Ann numbers. Never leave home without the freshest possible bread. Never leave your gambling slips unclaimed. And never—ever—accept help using the shower at the RV park, unless you’re into that kind of thing. (No judgment.)

Here’s Roman Mars’ vexillology TED Talk. And here’s the cool program Meredith mentioned.

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