#226 (Recap): Write this episode off on your taxes

Hold the podcatcher! Bobby, Ann and Meredith just got off a connecting episode, and refuse to look stupid running across the Zune Marketplace to make it to your latest TBTL Week in Review on time. If we get stuck, we might have to drive a fartlocker full of smoked meats and roasted kale to you, or worse—fly coach. With our luck we’ll end up in a middle seat between two fidget spinner-ers. 

If you want to Eagle Soar (Sore?) with Luke, you can find him on Facebook this week. Or, you can cash me outside raiding Andy’s pecan-heavy Snack Drawer and watching the latest episode of Rosetta & Stone. It’s not great, but it’s better than the theme song to the Rockford Files.

Speaking of theme songs, remember the time TBTL did an episode about Why They Matter? Professional Storyteller Luke sure didn’t.

Oh, and buy Chris Hayes’ book, and read it.  But only after you buy some sweet LRB merch.

This episode recaps TBTL 2390 (Britney Spears huh drop, Beverly Wang segment, 74 Seconds, rerun from 7/31/2015), 2391 (Netflix off taxes, Luke pool pics, RV road trip itinerary, Eagle Soaring / Eagle Sore, cartoon characters clothes, Alanis Morissette / Jagged Little Pill play, Dave Coulier, sunglasses, dog poop), 2392 (Luke back on Facebook, botany, WSJ media/media, RV reservation woes, RV advice re: Marfa, cookie ad spouse concerns), 2393 (Luke on running in airports, REI cooler, Carey pet talk, sports mascots), 2394 (Livewire, Plinko, Andy’s Snack Drawer, skinflint, more Luke Facebook, TV theme songs.)