#134 (Recap): Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Make sure your phone is fully charged, you’re wearing comfy shoes, and that you watch where you’re going, because it’s time to join Jigglypuff, Meowth and Abra –I mean Ann, Meredith and Christy—for an all-ladies edition of LRB. Although the week was dominated by TBTL Pokémon Expedition 2016, we have plenty of other topics to talk about, including expensive food, cat management, well-meaning but essentially clueless Canadian singers, and guys who get creepy with hairstylists. Also, Meredith reveals a genius idea for her new life as a criminal mastermind and Christy asks whether it would be weird to show up unannounced at Andrew’s apartment.


This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2160 (sunburn, Mental Illness Happy Hour, self-promotion, cauliflower rice, Thrive, tech talk, Peter Doig, luxury fruit), 2161 (slap back, viruses, BBQ, shame eating, throwed rolls, Pokémon Go, telepresence robots, End of Days), 2162 (cold medication, gross commercials, crime scene cleanup, The Canadian Tenors, All Lives Matter, rejected vanity plates, Darrell Hammond), 2163 (Andrew’s house, Darrell Hammond again, Jim Gaffigan, strip clubs, Mormons and caffeine, haircuts, pets, cat management, old phones, HD tv, rosemary), 2164 (Pokémon Go, Gas Works Park, building community, geese).