Episode 123: Dial M for Mummy

Is your refrigerator running? Don’t ask The Mummy, because he doesn’t have one. Easthamp-Ten Corey Plucker joins Bobby and Ann for a look back at a TBTL Twofer—Andrew’s teenage love for making prank calls, and Luke playing a KIRO interview with purported tiny house movement enthusiast Isaac “The Mummy” Vicknair. Coincidentally, Corey’s favorite TBTL drop sounds a lot like the exact reason you should never, ever, EVER enter The Mummy’s tiny house unannounced.

Bonus: Stay tuned after the episode forEmbers, a song by Corey’s band Trails off the EP Never Mind The Mountain, which is available on Bandcamp.

This Friday interview episode of Little Red Bandwagon features a clip from TBTL episode 1629, Sexts from Andrew, which originally aired on Tuesday, June 24, 2014. Keywords: Ten Interview, Corey Plucker, Robert Pape, Ann Lundholm, slabjacking, Shatner, Andrew Walsh, prank calls, stop and smell the pizza, Luke Burbank, Rachel Belle, The Mummy, Isaac Vicknair, tiny houses, sex church.