Ahoy Wagoneers! Welcome to the Little Red Bandwagon merch page!

As the old saying goes, “The best things in life are free.” And while that may be true (we’re looking at you, friendship) there are also some pretty great things (like website and podcast hosting) that can’t be bought with hugs and backrubs. So, to help you show your love for all things LRB while simultaneously helping us underwrite the costs that make our show possible, take a look at the stickers below and decide which one would look best on your instrument case / fixie bike / ’97 Honda Accord.

We’re not looking to get rich here—this isn’t many hundos a day, or even a week—we’re just looking to avoid that awkward moment with our significant others when they realize it’s not just our time we’ve been throwing at this. So for the sake of the show and our personal wellbeing, order up some stickers today, will you? We’ll be mighty grateful.

Little Red Bandwagon logo - Vinyl Sticker (3" Diameter)
6.00 8.00

Rugged and stylish just like your favorite podcast host (Christy, obvi), this stick-it-anywhere-you-please circle of pride lets everyone in your world know that you love something they’ve never heard of. Use it as a chance to share our little show with them. Or, tell them LRB is the newest indie-EDM sensation the kids are raving to, and that they really need to get out to more festivals. Whichever gives you a more smug sense of satisfaction. You’ve earned it, and we appreciate it.

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