Episode 88: r/We<3Vaporwave

Amy has just discovered Vaporwave because of Mitchell’s mild case of love for the genre (it is probably more than mild.) Jacques requested it and E&E went with it in their first ever exploration of a single genre. It has a wide range of sounds within the genre and Amy says “like” quite a bit and confuses Justice Clarence Thomas with Justice Potter Stewart.



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Macintosh Plus - 420

Eco Virtual - Bermuda High

Bloodwave - ultradreamgirl

Cat System Corp. - Veni Vedi Emi

Miami Vice - Palm Haze

Argiflex - Sludgehammer

Infinity Frequencies - Virtual Lust

Hum Nightmare - Looking for Your Love

Blank Banshee - Teen Pregnancy

Neon - Highway Running

Vaperror - Sentience Keys

Luxury Elite - Sdoom