Episode 57: Another Jason and Some Questions

Jason Rawlings of the Brunch Podcast joins Amy with this week’s episode filled with songs that are questioning things. Big questions, small questions, red questions, and the answer to where Evanescence even came from. It is a fun show with lots of good music. Why aren’t you listening yet?



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The Cranberries - Linger

Eminem - My Name Is

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Do You Love Me?

Tupac - How Do U Want It

Proto Idiot - I Wouldn’t Do if I Were You

Bombay Bicycle Club - How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep

Fifty Cent Ft. Nate Dogg - 21 Questions

Elliot Smith - A Question Mark

Common - The Questions

Rowan Atkinson and Kate Bush - Do Bears

System of a Down - Question!

Ace - How Long

Tame Impala - The Less I Know the Better