Episode 33: Diplodocast: The Life of Podosaurus Rex

Jason and Amy delve into their childishness to romp around in the Mesozoic Era.  Jason had been worried there wouldn’t be many songs about dinos but turns out, the Earbuddies helped the podcasters realize how many there are (almost as many as species of dinosaurs)!  Get out your shovels, brushes, and khakis to excavate dinosaurs in music.

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Land of the Lost Theme

B-52’s - Bedrock Twist

Johnny Cash - Dinosaur Song

King Crimson - Dinosaur

Ke$ha - Dinosaur

Flula - Dinosaur DJ

Hollywood Argyles - Alley Oop

Was (Not Was) - Walk the Dinosaur

The Punch Brothers - Reptilia

They Might Be Giants w. Danny Weinkauf - I am a Paleontologist

Waitress for the Bees - Diplodocus

Big Word Club - The Dinosaur Song