Episode 3: A Podcast Dreams of Turing Machines


Episode 3 brings us into the world of technology as we explore “Turing Machines” (i.e. computers) in music.  Vocoder is a word and a thing in music!  Listener Feedback happened and there is a treat for the listener who fedback (Hint: it is also how we felt about iOS10 when we first upgraded).

Enjoy the synth!

IT Crowd Theme
Plug Me In - Add N to (X)
Mr. Roboto - Styx
Daisy - Sung by IBM 7094 (composed by Harry Dacre)
Computer Age - Neil Young
Computerwelt - Kraftwerk
Synthaxe Demo - https://youtu.be/JqdVQ9VdoAg
Reel Big Fish - New Version of You

Show picture via: World of Computing