Episode 19: Rise Against The Machine Part 2

In this extended length episode, Amy and Jason come together again to keep the protesting going on.  Also, they wanted to cram as many Earbuddies songs in and finish up that interview!  Don’t listen with the young ones because we do have a cuss-filled conversation and explicit lyrics.  Also, Woodie Guthrie wrote a lot of protest songs.




Important Links:

Modest Mouse Rant:



Guthrie’s Feelings on Fred C. Trump:



1,000 Days, 1,000 Songs



Artistic Knitting of Sam Barksy



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Marvin Gaye - What's Going On

Crosby Stills Nash & Young - Ohio

Death Cab for Cutie - Million Dollar Loan

Big Bill Broonzy - I Wonder When I’ll Be Called a Man

Franz Ferdinand - Demagogue


The Missin’ Cousins - I ain’t Got No Home/Old Man Trump

Public Enemy - Fight The Power

Buffalo Springfield - For What It’s Worth 1967

Rage Against the Machine - Know Your Enemy