Episode 126: Dear Diary, My Teenage Angst...

This week is all about that moody kid we all were in high school. You can’t tell us what to do! Gah, MOM! Stay out of my room! We also got some pretty sweet feedback.

Most important book about emo that Amy read in High School to have emo credentialing.

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Thursday - Understanding in a Car Crash

Cursive - The Casualty

Green Day - Burnout

Apex Theory - Shhh

Further Seems Forever - The Moon is Down

Agnostic Front - Power

The Smiths - How Soon is Now

Penfold - I’ll Take You Everywhere

Secret and Whisper - XOXOXO

Deftones - My Own Summer

Blood for Blood - Wasted Youth Crew

Deadsy - The Key to Gramercy Park