Episode 117: 808 Grab Bag

It is the end of the year and since not all songs can go into a theme, this is a random selection of songs on our minds. In recent tradition, Amy remembers some vague music thing and Mitchell, without exasperation, finally clears up scales, circle of fifths, what is an 808, and the natural seventh. Enjoy this winding journey to finish out 2018.

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Translated Lyrics


Night Verses - Copper Wasp

Metal Church - Damned If You Do

Tessa Violet - Bad Ideas

Male Gaze - The Shining Path

Von Wegen Lisbeth - Wenn Du Tanzt

Terminus - Down to the Wire (Fortune Looming)

Arriane - Komm, Sűsser Tod

Joywave - Anemone

Animal Bag - Everybody

Phosphorescent - C’est La Vie No. 2

Negative Gemini - You Weren’t There Anymore

Alyssa Moore - In the Pool