Episode 110: Supergroup Says What?

Amy’s mind is blown by all the supergroups that exist and finally has a definition of what a supergroup is. Mitchell brings all the info on who is comprising each supergroup and yes, a supergroup can have only two members. The Earbuddies bring a diverse collection of songs and Amy finally listens to a Lemmy song.


The Traveling Wilburys - End of the Line

Major Organ and the Adding Machine - Madam Truffle

Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood

Twilight - 8,000 Years

Run The Jewels - Legend Has It

Angels and Airwaves - The Wolfpack

Probot - Shake Your Blood

Tomahawk - God Hates A Coward

Middle Brother - Daydreaming

Electronic - Getting Away With It

Pigface - Chickasaw

Mutoid Man - Gnarcissist