Episode 102: All The Relatable That We Can Relate

The whole spectrum of feels are represented this week while Amy and Mitchell discuss relatable songs. We all get awkward with people we like and get nagged by our own brains. Feel squishy, feel awkward, get better about health, and ponder if there is a need for Ritalin this week with the Earbuddies.

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Descendents - Hope

Pernice Brothers - Newport News

Dead Man Fall - Bang Your Drum

Alex Lahey - I Haven’t Been Taking Care of Myself

The Velvet Underground - I’m Sticking With You

Alice Merton - Why So Serious?

Jimmy Buffett - Little Miss Magic

Nick Mulvey - The Doing is Done

Ten Foot Pole - A.D.D.

Ben Folds Five - Jane

The Mekons - Hard to be Human

Imogen Heap - Bad Body Double