Episode 101: The Titular Big Rubbery Live!

The Earbuddies stepped up this week to share their stories of live bands that have seen and one Earbuddy’s story completely wrecks Amy’s composure for the rest of the show. Mitchell enjoys using the word “titular” and also joins in on destroying any composure that Amy even attempts to put together. Beards are woven together and mustaches are entangled.



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Direct Hit! - Artificial Confidence

Too Much Joy - Susquehanna Hat Company

Six Finger Satellite - Paralyzed by Normal Life

Mono - Flames Beyond the Cold Mountain

The Decemberists - Eli, the Barrow Boy

Melt-Banana - Chain-Shot to Have Some Fun

Saurus - Natural Mystick

Bedhead - Half-Thought

Car Seat Headrest - The Ending of Dramamine

Wire - Spent

Neurosis - Belief

They Might Be Giants - The Mesopotamians