Let me tell you a story about a story driven podcast

I've had the privilege of producing, hosting, and providing consultation to many different types of podcasts over the years. If you jump on iTunes or any podcast directory you would be hard pressed to find a topic that doesn't have some kind of podcast covering it (I just searched for puppets and found "Getting Felt Up" a show about puppetry). The styles of podcasts are as varied as the topics they cover but over the years I have found myself drawn to what seems to be a growing segment of podcasts focusing on narrative journalism and storytelling.

Sadly, and this will be changing soon, I have not had as much opportunity to work on these types of projects as I would like but I did want to share with you a project a did last year in this genre. I had the opportunity to produce a series of shows called for TisBest Philanthropy, a local Seattle Nonprofit, called "Better World Radio".  TisBest is a charity that supports other charities and they wanted to find a way to highlight some of those organizations and the great work they are doing around the world. It was a huge growth opportunity for me and a challenge in all the best ways.  If you'd like to check them out you can find all the shows on their website, iTunes, RSS, or just search "Better World Radio" in your podcatcher of choice and you should find it! 

I would love to hear from you, what's your favorite genre of podcast? What's your favorite show in that genre? Drop me a line in the comments tweet me @dadstronaut and let me know!